About Rooting Nonprofits

At Rooting Nonprofits, we’re strengthening nonprofit roots, rooting for nonprofit success, and giving not so great nonprofits a root canal.

Because Root = Radical, we’re most engaged in work that gets to the roots of inequality and injustice in our worlds.

As a community, we will root through the good, the bad, and the ugly of nonprofit work dedicated to ending racism, violence, gender bias, homophobia, and hatred. We will pull social justice nonprofits back toward their roots in social movements. Or maybe we’ll root out the nonprofit structure altogether and rebuild our social movements with a different set of roots.

On Rooting & Roots

Seeds: Dawn’s Story of starting Rooting Nonprofits

About Dawn

Dawn Haney is a community organizer, social justice activist, and nonprofit consultant. She’s currently working with a range of folks who practice personal transformation as a tool for social transformation, most notably Buddhist activists, anti-racist white folks, and sexual violence advocates. She brings playfulness and piercing analysis to every situation, seeking to reframe the problems we face into grand opportunities to bring about the change we wish to see in the world. Follow her on Twitter: @dawnmarissa and at her blog, Rooting Nonprofits.