Are you up for giving you and your nonprofit stronger roots? Looking for someone to help, but feel weirded out by most coaches & consultants? Been reading the blog, and wish you could have a little of my personal attention on whatever is currently frustrating you?

People I love to work with:

  • You are great at your job. You wouldn’t have been hired if you weren’t awesome. There’s just this one thing that keeps being difficult, and it’s making you hate the rest of your fabulous job.  You wish it would just magically get taken care of, so you could get back to rocking what you do best.
  • Or you are ready to tackle this thing that’s been so difficult for you to do. You’ve thrown yourself into trainings, read books, and sought out advice. Yet everything seems to come from this old-school, top-down, corporate approach. You keep wondering, “Isn’t there a better way to do this? Something that better meshes with my values for justice, connection, and compassion?”
  • You have a decent, even great team around you that helps you solve problems you face. Except every so often the team IS the problem and you don’t want to be a gossipy backstabber. You need someone outside the team to talk to.
  • You can do all the work, except that you can’t do all the work. None of it is too hard for you. It’s just too much, and you are tired of feeling like you are half-assing everything because there’s just not enough time.

If this is you, yay! I love to find new PLUs (People Like Us)

Hang out on the blog and say hello. I’d love to get to know you!

If you are desperately scanning to the end of this page hoping I have something to offer you, something to help you solve the crisis that brought you here in the first place, never fear! I currently have a couple openings for new clients, and would love to talk with you more to see if we’re a good match.

What I do best:

  • Help you reframe the work you hate to do into something worth doing. And help coach you to build the skills so you can actually be fabulous at it instead of hate it.
  • Take that work you hate to do off you plate, especially if it’s grant writing, budgets, bookkeeping, HR, websites, or social media
  • Help you build a team that works well together, that appreciates what each person brings to the table, that can have difficult conversations, that can get the work done rather than waste time squabbling
  • Get you organized, efficient, and focused on what’s essential

Think I have something that will help? Let’s talk.